Legal notice

Information and disclosure pursuant to Section 5 of the Austrian E-Commerce Act (Federal Law Gazette 2001/152 as amended) and Section 25 of the Austrian Media Act (Federal Law Gazette 314/1981 as amended)
Österreichische Post Aktiengesellschaft
Rochusplatz 1
1030 Vienna

Local telephone number: 0577 67 - 0
International phone number: +43 577 67 - 0

Legal form:  Public limited company under Austrian law
Trade register number: 180219d
Data processing registration number:  100 88 03
Commercial register court:  Commercial court Vienna
VAT ID: ATU46674503
Chamber membership: Economic Chamber
Year of incorporation: 1999
Owners: 52.8% ÖBIB, 47.2% free float
Regulatory authorities: Telekom-Control-Kommission,
Rundfunk und Telekom Regulierungs-GmbH
Applicable regulations: Postal Market Act – see Federal Law Gazette I 2009/123

Management board:
Georg Pölzl – Chairman of the Management Board, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Walter Oblin – Deputy CEO, Mail & Finance
Peter Umundum – Member of the Management Board, Parcels & Logistics

Supervisory board:
Edith Hlawati Chairwoman
Maximilian Schnödl, Deputy Chairman 
Huberta Gheneff
Felicia Kölliker
Peter E. Kruse
Chris E. Muntwyler
Sigrid Stagl
Stefan Szyszkowitz, Financial Expert

Nominated to the supervisory board by staff representatives:
Helmut Köstinger
Richard Köhler
Maria Klima
Manfred Wiedner

Business purpose:

  1. To provide services and create the necessary conditions in the following areas:
    a) all postal, parcel and logistics services, 
    b) financial services, especially those defined by the Postal Market Act (Federal Law Gazette 458/1969) as amended,
    c) communication and information technology for automated data processing and information engineering,
    d) other commercial services provided that they don't interfere with those listed under items a) to c), especially trading and distributing merchandise of all sorts.
  2. Purchasing holdings in companies and businesses as well as managing such holdings, including purchasing and selling holdings in Austria and abroad

This includes planning, creating, maintaining and operating infrastructure facilities for the above-mentioned purposes.
The company may engage in all transactions and actions that it deems necessary or useful for the business purpose, especially including areas of activity that are similar or useful to the business purpose.
In addition, the company may purchase or sell property for building subsidiaries in Austria and abroad.

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Company name Headquarters


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adverserve Holding GmbH Austria
Aras Kargo Turkey 80%
Austrian Post International Deutschland GmbH Germany 100%
bank99 AG Austria 80%
City Express d.o.o.  Serbia 100%
D2D - direct to document GmbH Austria
EMD - Elektronische- u. Mikrofilm-Dokumentationssysteme Ges.m.b.H.
Express One d.o.o. Bosnia and Herzegovina


Express One Hungary Kft. Hungary 100%
Express One Montenegro d.o.o. Montenegro 100%
Express One Slovakia s.r.o.  Slovakia   100%
feibra GmbH
Austria 100%
M&BM Express OOD Bulgaria 76%
Medien.Zustell GmbH Austria 100%
Overseas Trade d.o.o. Croatia 100%
Post & Co Vermietungs OG Austria 100 %
Post 108 Beteiligungs- und Dienstleistungs GmbH Austria 100 %
Post E-Commerce GmbH Austria 100%
Post 002 Finanzierungs GmbH  Austria 100%
Post Immobilien GmbH Austria 100%
Post IT-Services GmbH Austria 100%
Post Systemlogistik GmbH Austria 100%
Post Wertlogistik GmbH Austria 100%
PROWERB Gesellschaft für produktive Werbung GmbH Austria 100%

Scanpoint GmbH

Austria 100%
Scanpoint Slovakia s.r.o. Slovakia  100%
sendhybrid ÖPBD GmbH Austria 51%
Slovak Parcel Service s.r.o. Slovakia  100%
Weber Escal d.o.o Croatia 100%
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