Object Tracking Digital management of rental objects

At many companies, renting out and receiving returned rental objects such as keys and access cards can create a great amount of administrative work. Oftentimes, this is still done via manual lists or Excel spreadsheets. Object Tracking is an efficient solution for the digital management of rental objects. The mobile app allows you to easily record and track all objects and all rentals are logged in a transparent process.

Its generic and industry-neutral workflow makes Object Tracking a great choice for many different industries and fields. As a cloud solution, Object Tracking does not need any implementation effort and is ready to use in no time.

By the way: to give you an even better overview of your mailroom, our Mailroom Invoice service tracks your invoice processes and our Mailroom Tracking keeps track of incoming and outgoing items. 

How Object Tracking works

Process Objekt Tracking

Maximum security made in Austria

The cloud solution where data for your rental objects as well as borrowers are saved is located 100% in Austria. This ensures maximum security standards for your sensitive data.

Your benefits

  • Easy to use with a mobile app for Android and iOS
  • No project management needed for implementation
  • High security standards and data storage in Austria
  • Can be used in many industries and fields

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