Additional services for domestic parcels

Use the following additional services to help you match your needs: 

If you include the information "Persönlich" ("personal") in your parcel's address field, your parcel will only be delivered to the addressee. We will verify the recipient's identify by asking for a valid picture ID.

If the recipient is willing to pay for postage for your parcel (10 kg maximum), you can post it without paying for postage. In that case, the flat postage fee will be charged to the recipient at the time of delivery.

The item will only be delivered to the recipient if they pay the amount defined by the sender. Österreichische Post will transfer this cash-on-delivery amount to the account specified by you.

If the content of an item is fragile or sensitive to shock, please affix the "fragile" sticker. These parcels will be handled with extra care and sorted and distributed manually.

If you choose our insured parcel service, your valuables will be in very good hands. Cash, checks, securities, credit or debit cards, jewellery, precious metals and gems, urns with ashes etc. and other content of a value of up to EUR 510 receive special handling and shipping from Österreichische Post.

If the indicated value exceeds EUR 1.500, we will seal your item. Indicated values for up up to EUR 10.000 are admissible.

Parcels that exceed standard dimensions or that cannot be handled by our conveyor belts and facilities due to their shape or form need to be sorted manually and shipped separately. These include:      

Small bulky goods: 
Parcels in non-cube shape that are smaller than L 100 x W 60 x H 60 cm

Large bulky goods:
Parcels of all shapes that are larger than L 100 x W 60 x H 60 cm (up to a girth of 360 cm, maximum length 200 cm)


In this section, you will find information about our rates for additional services.