The Austrian Red Cross and mailroom tracking

Ensuring reliable tracking and documentation for countless incoming and outgoing items per day is a challenge many businesses face on an everyday basis. Our comprehensive digital mailroom tracking solution can help, as illustrated by the case of the Austrian Red Cross.

The Austrian Red Cross is one of the longest-standing and largest humanitarian non-profit or-ganisations in Austria. Fully documented mailroom management processes are an inherent part of everyday office life. Letters, parcels, official RSa and RSb items: it usually requires a lot of time and resources to record them, forward and deliver them to the correct recipients. Oftentimes, different rules and regulations and documentation requirements apply to item processing. Among many others, there are the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the secrecy of the post and different payment deadlines. As a result, the Austrian Red Cross mailroom must always ensure that items are correctly delivered to recipients in a timely manner. The same is true for outgoing mail. In addition, all these steps need to be documented and archived in an audit-proof manner. This is the only way of making sure document-based business process run smoothly at a large non-profit organisation.

Audit-proof documentation

Digitalisation can make things easier: since autumn of 2019, the Austrian Red Cross has been using the mailroom tracking service by Österreichische Post. This is a digital solution designed to complement the physical mail processing of letters and parcels at a company. It allows users to track and document items as they are received, delivered, and transferred. All this is done digitally, in real time and by authorised employees only.

How does mailroom tracking work? Incoming mail items such as registered letters, official RSa and RSb letters and parcels are scanned with a scanner or with a mobile mailroom tracking app. As soon as important metadata such as the name of the recipient and the department have been recorded, the item is assigned and the recipient will automatically receive a notification. Ultimately, all processes are documented in real time and are saved in an audit-proof manner. Subsequent manipulations are impossible.

Easy to use

Our mailroom tracking service is easy to handle and very flexible: it works as a browser-based online application for which no local installation on the computer is required. Our mailroom tracking service is also available as an app for smartphones (Android or iOS). Security is another plus because this solution is part of the Österreichische Post Cloud Enterprise. All data are saved in highly secure Austrian data centres, which ensures the very best data control over saved data. Thanks to its easy technical requirements, our mailroom tracking service can be implemented very swiftly.

Since 2020, our mailroom tracking service has been available as an outgoing mail solution as well. All outgoing mail items are scanned and recorded in the tracking system. This allows users to see what items have been moved into outgoing mail and when.

Ultimately, with the mailroom tracking service, the Austrian Cross has an overview of all letters and parcels at all times, which makes stressful situations caused by lost items or their difficult archiving a thing of the past.

Tracking your corporate inventory

Safe and transparent documentation is not only available for mail items, but also for different objects at companies, such as keys, key cards, electronic devices, meeting room equipment,and tools. In a similar process as for mailroom tracking, our object tracking service records all objects that have been handed out to employees and returned by them. Just like the mailroom tracking service, our object tracking service also works online (browser-based) or as an app on a smartphone. This allows companies to have an overview of items handed out to whom and when.

The benefits of mailroom tracking and object tracking at a glance:

  • Easy to use and handle
  • Nothing needs to be installed locally - all applications are browser-based or available as an app
  • Transparent documentation and audit-proof archiving of mail items and objects
  • Part of the Österreichische Post Cloud Enterprise – data security is ensured