Import, fees, and import documents

Imports are products received from abroad. The following information applies to imports into Austria: 

What fees might be charged?

For merchandise imported from third countries (countries outside the EU), the following fees might apply in addition to the merchandise value:

  • 20% import turnover tax 
  • Customs duties for merchandise worth EUR 150 and up
  • Import duties between EUR 5.45 und 39.24, depending on the merchandise value and product  (Fees for letter mail customs services, Frees for parcel customs services)
  • Any applicable excise duties – for all merchandise subject to excise duties such as tobacco and tobacco products, perfumes and colognes, alcoholic beverages and roasted coffee, instant coffee and other products with caffeine.
  • Processing and storage fee in the amount of EUR 26.16 if we need to get in touch with the re-cipient


Effective 1 July 2021, the duty and tax-free allowance for merchandise under EUR 22 no longer exists. This means that all merchandise received from third countries (countries outside the EU) will be subject to import turnover tax. Customs duties will only be charged for merchandise worth EUR 150 and up, as previously.

Changes effective 1 July 2021

Have you received an import item from a third country?

Click here to get your import documents.

To find your item, please visit


Customs clearance import login

Once you have found your item, you need to log on to your Austrian Post account for security reasons.

Customs clearance import item overview

You will find the item in question in the "My items" section.

How to get your import documents after customs clearance

Go to

to see your import documents.
Customs clearance import import documents

To see your import documents, you will need the item’s 6-digit code.

Customs clearance import customs clearance label

This 6-digit code is in bold print and always begins with the CRN, but only the last 6 digits are rele-vant.

You now have the option of viewing your import documents. You can download and print them as many times as you want during a 3-month period.

Customs import your import documents

If you do not have an Österreichische Post online account or if the notice is not available in the item tracking service, you can get in touch with our Österreichische Post customer service.
To send you the notice, we will need the CRN number as all as a valid e-mail address.