Create banner oder native ads: online advertising made easy

Use our EinfachWerben Banner advertising service to create your own customised online ads that will reach your clients just four days later. All it takes is a few easy steps. Your advertising will automatically be displayed on websites that meet your target group criteria in the form of banners or native ads. Since our lead time is short, you can adapt your ads as needed whenever you have a new offer for your target audience.

Using EinfachWerben Banner is easy

To use our self-service tool EinfachWerben Banner, log in to your online account by going to our login area. If you do not have a business account with Austrian Post yet, please sign up first at
chart showing process of EinfachWerben Banner

Step by step: plan your campaign, create your ads, and have it displayed online:

  1. Choose campaign details:
    • Product: choose between the eye-catching advertising form banner and the discreet but interactive advertising form native advertising.
    • Campaign type: choose between a short campaign (2 weeks minimum, from EUR 500) or a longer campaign (3 months minimum, from EUR 1,000).
    • Distribution area: you can have your banner or native ads displayed throughout Austria, in specific provinces, municipalities or even for specific postcodes.
    • Topic to match your target audience: choose from a total of 18 topics, ranging from “Travels” to “Shopping” to address your target audience with pinpoint accuracy.
    • Duration and budget: the minimum duration is a default setting. Use the handy slider to see how many displays you are getting for the selected budget and how high the costs per thousand impressions are.
  2. Create advertising material or upload it: if you have already created your advertising material, you can upload it in the system and select it. If not, you can create your own advertising in just a few easy steps. For instructions, please see our tutorial.
  3. Booking: check your order once again before you proceed to checkout.
  4. Comprehensive reporting: our reporting tool helps you keep an eye on your banner campaign's performance at all times.

Plan your campaign & design your own banner set: tutorial

In our video tutorials, we will explain our online service EinfachWerben Banner step by step (note: no additional steps or customizations are required to create native ads. Only images need to be uploaded and texts need to be entered). Watch it to learn how to create and place a new order for your campaign:

Create campaign!

Benefits of EinfachWerben Banner

  • No agency fees: create your own advertising materials in no time
  • 18 different topics for your target audience: choose the right setting for your target audience
  • Regional delivery: Austria-wide or by exact postcodes
  • Predictable costs: when entering your budget, all costs per contact will be shown in a fully transparent process
  • Great for small budgets: banner ads are available from just EUR 500  
  • Programmatic display: your ads will be displayed as ordered with pinpoint accuracy, and you will always know exactly how many displays you get for your budget
  • Live reporting: keep an eye on your campaign at all times; 100% transparency

Choose from two types of advertising: Banner or Native Ads

Our advertising service EinfachWerben Banner offers two types of advertising: banner and native ads

Online banner ads and native ads are two common types of advertising in digital marketing. Banner ads are often used as a visual form of advertising on websites, while native ads are integrated into the editorial content of the website and are not recognizable as advertising at first glance. Both types of advertising can consist of images and text, although banners can additionally contain animations and videos.

Different ways of addressing the target group: attention vs. subtle advertising

Another difference is the way the target audience is addressed. Banner ads often aim to draw the viewer's attention to the product or service by being visually appealing and containing eye-catching slogans or call-to-action buttons (e.g. Order Now). Native ads, on the other hand, rely on a more subtle type of advertising and try to arouse the viewer's interest through informative and useful content that offers the user added value. Native ads also allow for more text than traditional banner ads.

Is there a difference in costs?

In the self-service tool EinfachWerben Banner, native advertising is slightly cheaper than banner advertising. Normally, the CPM (= thousand contacts price, i.e. the price for 1,000 deliveries) for native ads is € 1 cheaper than for a comparable banner campaign.

Programmatic advertising

Both forms of advertising (banners and native ads) are played out programmatically. But what do we mean by this?

Programmatic advertising refers to the purchase of online advertising space in a fully automated process. In an auction, all available advertising spaces are analysed in real time with a focus on the environment and placement and your ads will be shown to your target audience (e.g., people interested in fashion) in the area indicated by you. EinfachWerben Banner makes taking full advantage of all the benefits associated with programmatic display a breeze.

Our online tool includes many different design templates for all standard banner formats. All you have to do is add images, texts, and your logo. Choose between static banners and animated banners with three different slides. We will explain step by step how to create your own customised banner set in an easy and efficient process:

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