Internationaladvertising mail: personalised advertising abroad

Use our international shipping solutions for direct mailing campaigns to target your clients outside of Austria personally and with pinpoint accuracy. Just get in touch with for a customised international advertising solution that fits your needs. Depending on the intended reach, you can choose between two international shipping options:

  • International Direct Mail is available for sending even small volumes starting at just 100 items.
  • Euro.Mail provides full service including quality management, starting at 1,000 units.

Not what you’re looking for? Get in touch with us for a customised international advertising solution!

The benefits of International Direct Mail

Are you looking for new clients? Use direct mailings for an easy and efficient way to target your audience. Personally addressed advertising items can be used in all phases of the marketing funnel.

  • Client acquisition abroad
  • Cross-selling and upselling
  • Reactivating existing clients

International Direct Mail: available from just 100 units

International Direct Mail is our shipping solution for small volumes. Thanks to standard formats, there is no need for complex pre-sorting and you can post your items at any Austrian Post service location.

  • Available also for small volumes starting at 100 items
  • No complex pre-sorting required
  • Standardised franking for all countries of destination (ECO letters)
  • Can be posted at all Austrian Post service locations (branches and Post Partners)

How can I use International Direct Mail as a service?

To fully leverage the benefits of our shipping service, please note the following criteria:

  • Minimum volume: 100 items per country and posted batch
  • Identical content, format, and weight
  • Sorted by country and format (P/B/N)
Formats: P B N (L+W+H = 900 mm)
Length 140 -245 mm 140 - 353 mm 140 - 500 mm
Width 90 -165 mm 90 - 250 mm 90 - 500 mm
Height max. 5 mm max. 30 mm max. 500 mm
Weight max. 100 g max. 2,000 g max. 2,000 g

How does shipping with International Direct Mail work?

  1. Create shipping documents: create your posting list and bundle label
    Please note: for items sent to Switzerland, we additionally need a commercial invoice (original including the original signature) and a customs fee payment confirmation. 

  2. Posting your items: Items can be posted at any Austrian Post service location (branch, Post Partner) or at any of our 6 distribution centres. Click here to go to our location finder for postal branches.

Euro.Mail: higher reach and many other benefits

Euro.Mail comes as a full package. Benefit from our inexpensive rates and add a personal look to your items.

  • Local look: flexible franking options depending on the country of destination
  • Especially inexpensive rates thanks to direct shipping in the country of destination
  • Full service including quality management

What are the prerequisites for using Euro.Mail?

To fully leverage the benefits of Euro.Mail, please note the following criteria:

  • Minimum volume of 1,000 items per country
  • Minimum dimensions: L 140 x W 90 mm (depending on country of destination)
  • Maximum dimensions: L 350 x W 250 mm (depending on country of destination)
  • Maximum weight: 1,000 – 3,000 g (depending on country of destination)
  • Identical content, format, and weight for all items

How does shipping with Euro.Mail work?

Since requirements may vary depending on the country, please contact your customer advisor.

International Direct Mail or Euro.Mail?

International Direct Mail
Minimum volume
Starting at 100 items per country
1,000 items per country / batch posted: for specific countries, lower minimum volumes are possible.
Identical franking for all countries
Flexible franking options depending on the country of destination

Choose from 3 different formats

P, B & N

Depending on the country of destination

Minimum dimensions: L 140 x W 90 mm
Maximum dimensions: approx. L 350 x W 250 mm
Maximum weight: 1,000 – 3,000 g

Czech Republic

Czech Republic

Many other European countries available upon request

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Shipping documents

International Direct Mail bundle label (available in German only)


International Direct Mail posting list (available in German only)



Service locations for posting large volumes (available in German only)


List of logistics centres and opening hours (available in German only)


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