Easter-themed stamps, postcards & stickers 16.03.2022

Theme World Easter

Made to look like straight out of the Easter bunny's workshop! Add a very special touch to your Easter mail with these lovely motifs from our Easter series.

Bring joy to the recipients of your Easter mail: just like in previous years, we have very special Easter motifs whose joyful and cute pictures will delight everybody.

Stamps, postcards, and even stickers: you will find everything you need to add a very special touch to your Easter greetings. 
One example is the idyllic world of Holly Pond Hill featured in the postcard booklet "Easter on Holly Pond Hill". It includes joyful motifs by the artist Susan Wheeler and a total of six lovely postcards and six unique stamps.

Or take our Easter-themed stamps and stickers dedicated to "Happy Easter". All four stamps and the two stickers are full of Easter joy!

If you are looking for less of an Easter touch, you will love our postcard booklet "Animal puppies at a farm" featuring bunnies, chicks, lambs, and other cute animals. These postcards will attract attention in any letterbox!

And if you like all things flowers, just try our self-adhesive stamp edition 20, "Colourful flower power". After all, flowers oftentimes say more than a thousand words.

In this spirit, you wish you happy Easter!

Postcard booklet "Easter on Holly Pond Hill“

Stamps and stickers "Happy Easter"

Postcard booklet "Animal puppies at a farm"

Stamp edition 20, self-adhesive, "Colourful flower power"