Video about the commemorative stamp's day of issue. 24.01.2023

Special stamp first day postal shirt
On 21 October 2022, Austrian Post teamed up with the Favoriten Stamp Collectors’ Association to mark the day of issue of the “Austrian Post staff shirt” commemorative stamp at the special postal branch.

The event venue was a very fitting one: the so-called “48er Tandler” dedicated to waste manage-ment. After all, the “Austrian Post staff shirt” commemorative stamp is in line with the principles of sustainability, as it has been created from discarded Austrian Post uniforms, which aligns with the idea of reusing and upcycling.

For detailed information about the production of the commemorative stamp and the successful event, please watch the video by Jakob Greimel of the Favoriten Stamp Collectors’ Association.
Image copyright:
Jakob Greimel / BSV-Favoriten