Adress Data

Our database  is updated daily with the help of more than 9,000 delivery persons. This is how we reach the right persons at the right address.

By integrating address data into your own database, you will not only save plenty of time for data maintenance, but you will also be able to focus on your core business.

Benefit from our reference data when recording your client data. When entering the data, you will immediately see if the clients' addresses are correct and if they already exist in your database.
  • Check addresses right before entering them
  • Recognise if addresses are complete or if the staircase number or door number is missing
  • Suggestions for correct addresses will be provided online
  • Reduces the amount of returned items due to incorrect addresses

Add structure to your database with our reference data and use the information provided by Österreichische Post to update your customer data. With our periodic updates, your database will always be up to date.

  • Recognise changes to postcodes, streets, or street numbers
  • Periodically update client data
  • Standardised address spelling
  • More structure for your database with a unique ID for every address 

This is the perfect route planning solution because every address is linked to precise geo-coordinates of the building's entrance. Choose this for GPS and route planning for sales activities.
  • Basic data for GPS and route planning tools
  • Geo-coordinates per building (highly relevant especially in rural areas)
  • Great choice for navigating cities by foot becaue geo-coordinates are available for every building entrance

Use our Adress Data service to find out if addresses are correct, if addresses need a door number or staircase information right when you are performing the data entry. Let us correct your existing data by checking them against our databases.

Every year, 20,000 addresses become obsolete. Postcodes change, street names change, and street numbers become obsolete. Some buildings have up to five different addresses that are all correct. If clients give you their standard address which happens not to exist officially, you can use our address data service to officially correct the address. Our reference data will help you navigate all unusual address-related situations.

Make sure that your database is always up to date so that your items can be delivered as planned. This saves time, money, and increases customer satisfaction.
Adress Data covers all addresses in Austria that can be reached by postal services. They are not linked to specific persons and therefore comply with data protection regulations.

  • PAC-level address information
    Postal address needed up to the street number including door number (for 4 delivery points and up) including PAC


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