Make your water extra bubbly.

At more than 250 postal branches, you can exchange your empty CO2 cylinders for new ones at just EUR 7.99.
In addition, you can u
se your loyalty card to get every 6th cylinder exchanged free of charge1.
The cylinders fit all major soda makers on the market.

You can also purchase full backup cylinders at EUR 27.99 without exchanging empty ones.

For a list of branches where you can exchange or purchase cylinders, please click here.

Sustainability at Sodapop 

Every year, more than 7 billion tons of plastic garbage end up in our oceans. At Sopdapop, we have been committed to a sustainable approach to nature from the very beginning. For instance, a single CO2 filling saves up to 40 large (1.5 litres) PET bottles of garbage. Sodapop now also supports the worldwide “4Ocean” initiative. It is dedicated to cleaning our oceans. Among other things, this initiative sells bracelets made of recycled plastic whose proceeds are used to pay for cleaning activities.

1 Discount available until 30 April 2025 and only for cylinder exchanges at selected postal branches. We will only accept cylinders of identical design, independently of the brand.
Cylinders will be exchanged on behalf and for the account of Sopapop Austria GmbH. Available while supplies last.