Document and archive digitisation

Are you looking for swift, location-independent and audit-proof access to all your company data? If the answer is yes, archive digitisation is for you. Our comprehensive machinery makes us the only business in Austria that can digitise archives of any imaginable kind: whether it's HR records or client files in binders, hanging files or boxes, books, large formats in colour or in black and white, blueprints and technical drawings or even microfilm. Our professional and gentle processes are also available for historical archive material such as newspapers, photos, posters, paintings, engravings, ektachromes, and glass plate negatives. 

Use our document and archive digitisation service to turn messy binders into structured and manageable digital data, which makes work processes easier while saving lots of space and time. We will digitise your documents and, upon request, will extract all relevant data for you. This will allow you to access your document digitally and to save them as well. Let us help you make your document management as efficient as possible.

Tip: Our hybrid archive digitisation service includes, in addition to document scanning, transferring them to microfilm. This makes archive documents more durable and allows for audit-proof and original archiving.

How document and archive digitisation works

  1. Document collection or receipt
    You can send us your documents in a package or via courier service. As an alternative, our courier service can collect your documents right from your office.
  2. Preparation
    As part of the document preparation process, we will remove documents from binders, remove any paper clips and staples, and separate bound documents.
  3. Digitisation
    For the digitisation part, we will scan your documents in a document scanner. Empty backsides will be deleted in the electronic system thanks to the threshold value rule.
  4. Review for readability
    After scanning, we will review all TIFF data for readability and convert them to PDFs. Upon request, we will also record them using the OCR reading technology, which will allow you to search your texts digitally.
  5. Data extraction & classification
    Newly extracted documents are then classified using our software and the data contained therein are extracted.
  6. Data delivery
    We will deliver the data to you via SFTP server. Upon request, we will return the original documents with the agreed-on indexing and data structure to you or we will dispose of them in accordance with data protection regulations. 

Your benefits

  • Reduces your paper volume
  • Saves storage space and costs
  • Allows you to access your documents from anywhere; simultaneously and quickly
  • Edit information instead of looking for it
  • Upon request, we will provide discreet on-site document digitisation services

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