Invoice recording

Do you receive most of your invoices as hard copies (paper or fax)? Or do you receive your invoices in PDF format via e-mail, but cannot extract data automatically for further processing? In that case, electronic invoice recording is the perfect comprehensive solution for your automated, time-saving, and location-independent invoicing process.

For this service, we will receive all your incoming invoices from multiple channels, digitise them, and prepare all relevant invoice data, e.g., invoice recipient, invoice sender etc., in a structured manner. Extracted data are then checked for quality in a validation process and are subsequently transferred to your company fur further processing by your IT systems. All this is done within a day in a secure process. The automated recording of orders and forms will make your corporate processes even more efficient.

By the way: our mailroom invoice service includes, in addition to automated invoice recording, the entire downstream workflow of your invoices. The process does not stop at the transfer of digitised invoices to you because all invoices are transferred to the Post Cloud Enterprise to which only authorised employees have access. You can then add more data such as cost centres and authorise the invoices, no matter where you are. Subsequently, all reviewed and authorised invoices will go directly into your accounting system and the payment process will be triggered. Afterwards, all data and invoices will be saved to the cloud using an audit-proof approach.

How invoice processing works

  1. Physical and digital incoming channel
    Physical invoices received in the mail are identified in the mail flow early in the morning and transferred directly to our experts. We can also receive all documents sent to you via electronic channels, i.e., e-mail or fax.
  2. Preparation
    As a next step, we will prepare your data. This includes discarding mail items using a positive/negative list, taking them out of envelopes and affixing bar codes. 
  3. Digitisation
    After document preparation, all mail is digitised, followed by a quality assurance process. Electronic mail is standardised using different standard formats. This includes converting attachments and format mapping.
  4. Data extraction and classification 
    The newly digitised invoices from all channels are subsequently classified by our software using self-learning algorithms and artificial intelligence. Data contained therein, e.g., invoice numbers, totals, or invoice positions, will be extracted.
  5. Quality assurance and validation 
    To ensure the highest possible data quality, our employees will check extracted data. This combination of artificial and human intelligence ensures a quality level of over 99 % of correctly extracted data.
  6. Conformity review
    All data will be subject to a conformity review as defined by you. This might include a check to ensure all mandatory data pursuant to Section 11 of the Austrian Turnover Tax Act is available or a creditor validation against your master data. Upon request, we can use a bot and contact you and/or the sender as soon as we find any nonconformity.
  7. Delivery
    The newly structured invoice data will then be shared with your company and all down-stream IT systems for further and automated processing.
  8. Archiving
    After processing, we will return physical documents such as letters to you or store them for a determined period of time. Afterwards, these documents will either be moved to your archive or disposed of in compliance with data protection regulations.

Your benefits

  • Digital invoice processing saves up to 80% on processing costs
  • Avoids early payment discounts and dunning fees
  • Seamless integration of client-relevant invoice data
  • All received formats (e-mail, fax, EDI, etc.) can be processed

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