Ident.Letters for business clients

With the Ident.Brief, natural persons can be clearly identified in distance selling transactions. Our Ident.Letter service is also a great choice for items with sensitive and personal content, e.g., contracts, documents, lab results, etc.

How the Ident.Letter works

Our Ident.Letter service combines the benefits of all additional letter mail services (registered mail, delivery to addressee only, do not deliver to persons authorised to receive mail, advice of receipt) in a single product. The recipient's identity will be verified by physically recording ID data. You will subsequently receive the Ident. Letter advice of receipt with written documentation and the recipient's and our employee's signature.

Our Ident.Letter service meets all legal requirements defined by the Austrian Financial Market Supervision Authority for determining and verifying people's identity.
Let our 6,500 postwomen and postmen be your new sales representatives.
The Austrian Post's delivery network leaves no area in Austria uncovered, which allows you to carry out transactions that were previously only possible with physical contact.


  • Written agreement between you andAustrian Post
  • Meeting the formal design requirements for Ident.Letters
  • For additional information, please contact your customer advisor or use our contact form.


  • Written identity verification of the recipient by checking, recording, and confirming ID data
  • Safe delivery of sensitive documents
  • Convenient process for sender and recipient alike


If you would like to receive a non-binding quote, please contact your customer advisor or our Austrian Post customer service.

Ident.Letter posting list (available in German only)


Ident.Letters advice of receipt (available in German only)


Ident.Letters posting list (available in German only)


Ident.Letters product information (available in German only)