Send leaflets through Austrian Post to maximize attention for your advertising message

Give your advertising messages the reach they deserve. Whether it's a small quantity or a large volume, our Info.Post products make sending advertising items such as leaflets, flyers, or discount vouchers a breeze.

There are two products to choose from, depending on the quantity you are posting: use Info.Post Classic to benefit from our offer starting from just 500 items. For those who like to think bigger, choose Info.Post Collect for mailing your items inside our successful advertising medium " Kuvert advertising sleeve". This product is available for 30,000 items and up and you will benefit from its high popularity and reach.

The benefits of sending out leaflets

Sending out flyers never goes out of style. According to the latest study published in the 2023 Austrian Advertising Market Study, 88 percent of all recipients read leaflets and brochures. Austrians find it particularly useful to receive information about offers and discounts.

  • High reading rate
  • Flexible thanks to targeted and controllable reach
  • Many design options for format and weight (special formats & samples available)
  • Great choice for businesses of all sizes and industries
  • Inexpensive advertising channel thanks to the option to post small volumes

Info.Post Classic: flexible shipping starting at just 500 items

Info.Post Classic gives you maximum flexibility. Whether it's small volumes for regional distribution or special formats – it's up to you to decide.

  • Starting at just 0,0951 euros per item
  • Small volumes from 500 items available
  • Post your items at any postal branch
  • For flexible advertising formats (special formats available)
  • Distribution also available at municipality level

A wide range of services for advertising

  • Optimisation of distribution plans through geomarketing
    Geomarketing allows for the precise delivery of your advertising message. With, you can also easily design your distribution plans yourself.
  • Geomarketing consulting, free & non-binding initial consultation
    With our team of experts, you can discover and leverage hidden market potentials and fur-ther optimise your advertising measures.

Rewards for sustainable options

Take advantage of a sustainability discount if you have your leaflets produced in a particularly resource-friendly manner (e.g., in accordance with the criteria of the Austrian Ecolabel, the Blue Angel, or the EU Ecolabel.

Contact your account manager to make an agreement.

When can you use Info.Post Classic?

  • Sending brochures, vouchers, and samples up to max. 250 g
  • Identical content and design for all items
  • Suitable for non machine processable items such as special formats

Sending leaflets with Info.Post Classic is easy

  1. Shipping documents: create your posting lists and bundle labels using the Posting Manager (no registration required)
  2. Pre-notification of posting: if you plan to post 50,000 units or up, you need to notify us in writing at least 5 business days in advance (Monday through Friday) before posting via the Posting Manager (volumes under 50,000 items can also be notified at short notice).
  3. Provide a sample: as soon as you post your items, you need to provide a physical sample at a postal branch or logistic center. If this is not possible, we can also take one from the items to be posted.
  4. Post your items in bundles at one of our posting locations*:
  • Destination sorted with identical postal code
  • Bundle size 200 or 100 items (bundles comprising more than 200 items must be divided into batches of 100 or 200 items each, using separator sheets or placing items crosswise.)
  • Bundle height: 20-235 mm, max. bundle weight: 10 kg
  • Fully completed bundle label for every bundle

* Batches with a total weight of more than 700 kg or one Euro pallet can only be posted at postal branches for large volumes and dedicated locations.

To the Posting Manager

Info.Post Collect: high physical reach with digital extension

Do you like to think big? Have your leaflet included in the popular advertising medium "Das Kuvert" advertising sleeve to reach up to 3 million households. You can also benefit from additional digital reach through online banners with programmatic display.

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Comparison: Info.Post Classic or Info.Post Collect?

  Info.Post Classic Info.Post Collect
Suitable for brochures, vouchers, special formats, samples machine-processable brochures
Delivery individually inside "KUVERT" advertising sleeve
Digital extension no yes
Minimum volume 500 items 30,000 items
Delivery schedule 6 business days after posting (Monday through Friday) twice per week (Mon/Tue and Wed/Thu)
Post at all Austrian Post service locations (branches & Post Partners) & 6 logistics centres at 3 collator centres (Vienna, Oberwang, Graz)
Delivery to 3 mio.households 3 mio.households
Distribution unit postcode, delivery area,municipality postcode, delivery area
Maximum dimensions L 324 x W 229 x H 24 mm L 300 x W 229 x H 3 mm
Maximum weight 250 g 100 g
Minimum dimensions L 140 x W 90 mm
L 148 x W 210 mm
Minimum weight - 5 g
Shipping documents

Posting list and bundle label as defined in our Austrian Post Posting Manager

The bundle label can be created right in our Posting Manager, provided that all necessary item-related information such as weight, dimensions, bundle factor, etc. is provided.

Posting list and pallet label as defined in our Austrian Post Posting Manager

The pallet label can be created right in our Postng Manager, provided that all necessary item-related information such as weight, dimensions, bundle factor, etc. is provided.

Franking impression Zugestellt durch Österreichische Post (Delivered by Austrian Post) Zugestellt durch Österreichische Post (Delivered by Austrian Post)

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