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To know where outgoing items and internal correspondence is at a given time, efficient and reliable item tracking is key. Especially in the case of registered mail items, it is good to know where they are. Use our Mailroom Tracking service to record, track, and archive outgoing and incoming items from your mailroom. One of the many benefits is that you can check an item's status from within the company, but also from other locations whenever you want.

How Mailroom Tracking for incoming mail works

Process Posteingang Mailroom Tracking

After items have been recorded with a smartphone and the addresses have been read via OCR, they will be assigned to recipients. The recipient confirms receipt by signing in the app or using an NFC-enabled employee card. Subsequently, the item and all related data will be archived. This ensures traceability about who received a specific item and when.

How Mailroom Tracking for outgoing mail works

Process Postausgang Mailroom Tracking

All outgoing registered mail items will be scanned (OCR reading is used for this as well), added to Mailroom Tracking and then grouped into posting lists. Since the delivery status is shown in the overview, you will always be up-to-date regarding the status of your registered mail items.

By the way: reliable in-house tracking also works for invoices – use our Mailroom Invoice to be on top of things.

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Maximum security

Mailroom Tracking uses an Austrian cloud and 100% of your sensitive corporate data remain in Austria where they are subject to strict security standards.

Your benefits

  • Trace incoming and outgoing items in a matter of seconds
  • Intuitive distribution process
  • Electronic transfer of item numbers
  • Efficient data processing thanks to scanner support
  • Immediately available app and cloud solution
  • High security standards
  • Automated notifications sent to recipients
  • This process eliminates the error-prone and painful address entering via OCR

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