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FAQ AllesPost

Online services

Click here to order AllesPost for a year.
Use AllesPost to decide who will deliver your parcels.
When you shop online, you usually do not get to choose the shipping company that the online shop uses. With AllesPost, you will receive all items from Österreichische Post at the quality level you are used to, no matter which parcel service was originally used to send you item.
If you purchase the AllesPost service, we will send you a special AllesPost address. You can then use this address as your delivery address for receiving merchandise, e.g., from online shops. Österreichische Post will receive your parcels at the AllesPost address from other providers and will then deliver them to you.

This service can be used for all merchandise.

The following exceptions apply:

  • Items that are too large: maximum length 200 cm and maximum girth 360 cm (= length + circumference) 
  • Items that are too heavy: maximum 31.5 kg
  • Declared value higher than EUR 510
  • Items that include payments to the delivery person (cash-on-delivery, customs, etc.)
  • Items with hazardous goods (see our GTC  for sending hazardous goods)
  • Registered mail
  • Items that the sender must receive personally (e.g., mobile phones with a contract that needs to be signed)

Items with one or several of the characteristics mentioned above, advertising mail (e.g., catalogues) as well as damaged items will not be received.

  • 3-month subscription: EUR 14.90 incl. VAT
  • 12-month subscription: EUR 39.90 incl. VAT

New clients have the option of trying AllesPost free of charge. All you have to do is go to post.at/allespost to request a coupon code for a free 3-month subscription.

Our AllesPost subscriptions have been created for private clients and are only intended for standard personal use.

The amount of included parcels depends on your standard personal use. Here is what we understand by this:

  • 3-month subscription: approximately 45 parcels
  • 12-month subscription: approximately 180 parcels

Minor deviations from this parcel volume will have no consequences and there will not be an additional charge for you. However, we kindly ask you to make sure you to not exceed these limits.

AllesPost subscriptions may not be used for commercial activities and they may not be shared with other persons. We reserve the right to cancel individual AllesPost subscriptions in the case of misuse.

    No. As a matter of course, it is up to you to decide which items you would like to have delivered to your AllesPost address.

    Please note: AllesPost is only for goods shipments and your AllesPost address is therefore intended exclusively as a delivery address. It is not permitted to use it as a billing address or receiving address for letters.

    The shipping company will deliver your AllesPost items to your AllesPost address and Österreichische Post will deliver them to you. This process might result in a delivery delay of 1 day or a maximum of 2 days.

    Attention: Therefore, only use your AllesPost address if you do not urgently need your shipment.

    AllesPost is available for all known Austrian addresses and can only be ordered online.

    A known address is any address for which you will receive a suggestion after entering it in the "Personal information" field.

    Please note: it might take a while until new addresses, e.g., addresses in a new building, are listed in the system.

    AllesPost can only be used for domestic addresses. It also needs to be a valid and known address (see "Where is AllesPost available?" ). Please follow the instructions provided in the error message and start by going to "Personal data" to make sure you have entered the correct address.

    Attention: In some cases, browsers (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, etc.) suggest addresses to you. Please use the postal service's suggested addresses, as this is the only way we can guarantee that your items can be delivered correctly.

    One of the greatest benefits of AllesPost is that you can combine it with all our online services. Finally, thanks to an AllesPost subscription, you will be able to benefit from all our convenient delivery services for your orders
    Can I use the forwarding service for items addressed to my AllesPost address?
    Your AllesPost address can be used for all mail-order companies. In exceptional cases, some mail-order companies might not support this service. In that case, please contact the mail-order company in question.
    You can renew your AllesPost subscription at any time within one month before its expiration. We will e-mail you about this ahead of time. If you decide not to renew your subscription, please make sure to remove your AllesPost address on all online platforms before the subscription expires. After your subscription expires, items sent to your AllesPost address will no longer be delivered.

    Absolutely. You can cancel your subscription whenever you like. But please note that 
    there is no need to cancel your AllesPost subscription. 

    • If you no longer want to use this service, all you have to do is stop using your AllesPost address as your delivery address.
    • After cancelling your AllesPost subscription, make sure you remove your AllesPost address as the delivery address for all senders. If you cancel your subscription, we will no longer deliver items to your AllesPost address.
    • You always have the option of getting a new subscription after you have cancelled this service.
    If you have provided your AllesPost address as your delivery address, the shipping company will deliver it to this delivery address. In this case, the delivery address is your AllesPost address which we use to get your items to you according to your specifications.

    We will e-mail you your AllesPost address along with important information about how to use it. Any deviation might result in our not being able to match your items to you and we would not be able to deliver them correctly. Against this background, please follow the instructions below:

    Your AllesPost ID for correctly matching your items to you. Therefore, please enter this information in an appropriate field of the delivery address, e.g., "company", "additional address line", "c/o", "address 2", etc. The name of the field will vary depending on the online shop. If such a field does not exist, you have two options:

    • Some online shops allow you to use the "street number" field for the street number and the door number together and the "staircase/door" can be used for your AllesPost ID.
    • Use the field "title".
    • If you do not see an appropriate field, please enter the AllesPost ID into the name field before your first name.

    If entering the street and door number using the "1/1" format is not allowed, please use "1 door 1" format.


    "There are some items that Österreichische Post cannot process and can therefore not accept (see "For what items can I use this service?).

    Your AllesPost address is inherently associated with your name and address. When this information changes, you might need a new AllesPost address. In exceptional cases, we might have to change your AllesPost address for organizational reasons. If your AllesPost address changes, please make sure to update it for all online shops.
    You cannot post return items from third-party providers at Österreichische Post. This is also true for items delivered by Österreichische Post through the AllesPost service. Please use the return label provided by the sender and follow the instructions provided.
    It an item from a third-party provider delivered through AllesPost needs to be returned to the sender (e.g., because the recipient refused to receive it, because the item was not picked up, etc.), we have to rely on your providing us the correct return address. Until then, we will hold the item in our storage facility. As a matter of course, we will e-mail you to let you know.

    If the item includes a return label, we will send it directly back to the sender. If this is not the case, we have to rely on your getting in touch with our Österreichische Post customer service centre and providing a European address (excluding overseas territories and areas that are not part of the EU customs and fiscal area such as Greenland, the Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla, the Channel Islands, etc.) for returning it to the sender. We will not charge you for this.

    It is up to you to decide what we should do with your item. You have the following options:

    • Return to sender: if you would like to use this option, please provide a correct return address (see "Are returns possible with an AllesPost subscription?")
    • We will charge for delivery to any valid address in Austria.

    In that case, please contact our Österreichische Post customer service centre to let us know it is an AllesPost item:

    • Call us at 0800 010 100
    • You can also use our contact form on our web site: post.at/contact

    You can order AllesPost for your primary or secondary address. If your primary or secondary addresses changes, you can go to your Österreichische Post account to update the information under "Personal information". This will change your AllesPost address because it is automatically matched with the new data. In this case, your new AllesPost address will automatically be sent to you via e-mail. Please do not forget to update this address in all online shops from which you usually order.

    If you have an AllesPost subscription for your secondary address and you would now like to turn this address into your future primary address, please contact our Österreichische Post customer service at post.at/kontakt to cancel your AllesPost for your secondary address. Our customer service will be happy to look into any partial reimbursement options.

    We will update your primary address in your Österreichische Post account  (under "Personal information") and you can then order a new AllesPost subscription by going to allespost.at.


    As a matter of course, you can always update your name in your Österreichische Post account by going to "Personal information". Any name change might affect your AllesPost address, which is automatically adapted to new data. In this case, you will automatically receive your new AllesPost address via e-mail. Please do not forget to update this address in all online shops from which you usually order.

    Please note: if your identity has been verified, changing your name is only possible by contacting our Österreichische Post customer service at post.at/kontakt.


    FAQ Registering

    Online services

    Registration is required in order to ensure the high security standards for the use of Österreichische Post online services. As a registered client, you can use all offerings in our online shop from the comfort of your home, which will save you time and trips to the postal branch. Once your registration is completed, you will also have access to numerous online services.

    To register online, please click here.
    Both private persons and business clients can register.

    Once you have successfully registered, we will e-mail you your customer number. You also have the option of checking your customer number in your Österreichische Post account under "My profile".

    You can change your address at any time by going to the "My profile" section and clicking on "Change address(es)".

    FAQ identification

    Online services

    Depending on whether you are a private person or a business client, the following identity verification options are available: 

    • Private persons
      As a private person, you have the option of proving your identity via photo identification or using your mobile phone signature. You can also get your identity verified at any Österreichische Post service location. For the identity verification process at any Österreichische Post service location, please bring a printout of your registration form.
    • Business clients
      As a business client, you can get your identity verified at any Österreichische Post service location, via the Österreichische Post customer service or by your customer advisor. In addition to a valid picture ID, you will need a registration as a business client in any official register (e.g., excerpt from the company register or from a commercial or association register).

    For additional information about the identity verification process, please click here.

    Identity verification for your Business Austrian Post account is also available through our Österreichische Post customer service:

    • Create your account on post.at
    • Complete the contact form
    • Our Österreichische Post customer service will review your documents, verify your identity, and inform you via e-mail

    For additional information and other identity verification options, please click here.

    We need to verify our clients' identity in order to ensure that online orders are safe, confidential, and personal. All clients whose identity has been verified will be able to use all Österreichische Post online services from the comfort of their home.

    Several identity verification options are available. For detailed information, please click here.

    FAQ Photo identification

    Online services

    Please make sure that you have a consistent and stable Internet connection for the photo-based identity verification process so that your pictures can successfully be uploaded for verification.

    • Make sure your ID is valid and not damaged. Only valid and undamaged IDs may be used for the photo-based identity verification process. If your ID does not meet these requirements, please use another ID or one of the other identity verification options (e.g., mobile phone signature).
    • Make sure that the quality of your pictures is good enough. For the identity verification process to be concluded successfully, your pictures need to be well lit and sharp. Also, the ID must be legible and must not reflect or be covered (e.g., by a finger). We recommend putting your ID on a flat, non-reflective surface (e.g., a tabletop) when taking the picture.
    • We support the following IDs: Austrian passport, identity card, driver's licence
    • Passport, identity card, or driver's licence from all EU member states
    • Passport, identity card, or driver's licence from roughly 200 countries

    You can do the photo-based identity verification process anytime online. After you have uploaded your pictures, it usually takes 3-4 minutes for the system to check your documents. In some cases, this process might take a little longer. After we have concluded the verification, we will notify you via e-mail and push notification in the Österreichische Post app.

    Please go to the page https://www.post.at/en/p/c/identity-verification and click on the icon "Photo-based identity verification".
    After successful identification, you have the option of redirecting your items or issue a release delivery authorisation. Furthermore, you can set up a PO box or issue an authorisation to receive mail, or request a notice of absence. In case you move, you can also set up a redirection.

    FAQ Login

    Online services

    In case you forgot your password for your Österreichische Post account, no problem. You can reset it by clicking on "Did you forget your password" in the login window. On the next page, please enter your username/e-mail address and click on "Reset password". We will then send an e-mail to the indicated e-mail address. Please check your e-mail and your spam folder and open the e-mail. Click on the link for resetting the password. On the following page, you can choose a new password. To complete the process, click on "Change password".

    If several invalid login attempts are made in a short period of time, the login will be blocked for a few minutes, after which you can once again log in.

    Please note that your username is the e-mail address you indicated when you registered on post.at. If you no longer know this address, please contact our Österreichische Post customer service.

    You can change your password at any time by going to "My profile" and clicking on "Login & settings". If you do not know your password, you can use the link "Did you forget your password" in the login window to reset it.

    FAQ E-letter

    Online services

    Go to the login area, click on forgot password and enter your user name. You will shortly receive an e-mail with a link to restore access to your account.

    Your e-mail address is also your user name. If you forgot it, please go to www.post.at and click on the field "forgot user name".
    Some e-mail clients do not recognize online addresses with line breaks as URLs and display them as normal text. To solve this problem, Mozilla Thunderbird offers an add-on for download.

    Sign in to www.post.at and go to "My profile" to see your data.

    The reasons for this might be the following: you might have a new e-mail address and have not updated it in the e-letter settings.
    Or the sender address of Österreichiche Post AG is considered spam.
    Please register on  www.post.at and sign in with your login data at e-brief.at to request an activation code.
    You will receive a letter with an activation code. Please enter this code on the web site. This will confirm your address and your e-letter letterbox will be ready to receive mail. You will then receive items from the companies you have selected in digital format.
    As an existing Post/on client, the e-letterbox is part of your Post account. After you have signed in, you will see if your e-letterbox is ready to receive mail.
    Go to e-brief.at to sign in and enter your activation code. Your e-letterbox will then be ready to receive mail.

    Österreichische Post app

    How to confirm your address in the Österreichische Post app: choose the menu item "E-Brief" and sign in with your Post account data. Under address confirmation, please enter your activation code for the address provided by you.
    Your e-letterbox can hold up to 500 items. You can delete items as needed. They will remain in your letterbox until you delete them.
    No. We do not deliver official RSa and RSb letters to your e-letterbox because this is not permitted by law.
    Go to oestereich.gv.at to activate the government delivery service.
    No. Your e-letterbox will be free of unaddressed advertising.
    No. The e-letter service is free of charge for recipients.
    No. We do not scan e-letters. Such letters and invoices from companies are sent to Österreichische Post electronically. We then check the delivery option chosen by the client. Items are either delivered to clients digitally as e-letters to their e-letterbox or as traditional letters to their letterbox.
    No. E-letters are not e-mails. These items, e.g., documents, contracts, or invoices, are sent electronically to Österreichische Post and are then delivered as e-letters to your e-letterbox.

    In addition to being convenient and swift, e-letters come with another decisive benefit: security. Sending sensitive documents or recipient data via e-mail is not a secure process. For e-letters, this information is deposited on a secure portal, a so-called e-letterbox.
    E-letters are PDFs that you can download anytime you choose.
    Go to e-brief.at to sign in. Under user name, click on "Personal information". Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and click on "Deactivate delivery".

    You will no longer receive digital items in your e-letterbox. However, you will still have access to e-letters that are already in your e-letterbox.
    No. You can decide for every company if you would like to receive their items digitally, i.e., as e-letters or as traditional letters. Please note that you can only receive e-letters from companies that are connected to this system.
    In the sender list, you can choose from which companies you would like to receive e-letters or traditional letters. For all senders, the default option is e-letter.

    If you would like to receive traditional letters, please choose the sender, go to "edit" and uncheck the box that says "delivery to e-letterbox". Click on "save" and you will start receiving your items as traditional letters from this specific sender.

    On the list, the sender name will appear gray and not black.
    Yes. In the basic settings, delivery as e-letter is the default option for all senders.

    You can go to the sender list to change the delivery option to traditional letters for specific senders.
    More and more companies are using the e-letter option and the sender list is growing. To see an updated list of all available senders, please see the menu item "Senders" in your e-letterbox.
    Companies will send letters (e.g., contracts or invoices) to Österreichische Post electronically. These items are then either delivered to the e-postbox in digital format as e-letters or as traditional letters to your letterbox.
    While the transmission of sensitive documents and addressee data is not secure when using e-mails, the e-letter service deposits such data in a security-approved portal, the e-postbox. 

    FAQ E-notifications

    Online services

    The e-notification is the electronic version of the yellow slip. It contains the pick-up code and entitles you, together with your official photo ID, to pick up the parcel at the post office or pick-up station.
    It is used whenever your parcel is brought to a post office or pick-up station. 
    1. You always know immediately when your package is ready for pickup.
    2. You always have the e-notification with you on your smartphone.
    3. You can pick up your parcels directly without having to get the yellow slip from home.
    4. To authorize another person to pick up, you can forward the e-notification to them.
    E-notifications are free of charge.

    There are two options for e-notifications:

    • via e-mail
      The e-notification will be sent to the e-mail address that the sender has given us or that you have entered in your postal account.
    • via the Österreichische Post app
      All e-notifications will be displayed in the Österreichische Post app under "My items". You can also go to the settings of your Österreichische Post app to activate push notifications about status changes.
    Yes. In addition to an e-notification, you will also receive the yellow notification you are familiar with, which will be placed in your letterbox as usual. You can use this yellow notification to pick up your parcels as you have done in the past. If you no longer need the yellow notification for pickup, you can dispose of it.
    Yes, you can still pick up your parcels with the physical yellow slip from the branch or pick-up station. 
    No, the e-notification in electronic form on your smartphone is sufficient to pick up the package at the branch or pick-up station.
    You can always forward the e-notification to a person you trust, thereby giving them the authorisation to pick up your parcel. For pickups at postal branches, an official photo ID is required.
    Registration is recommended, but not mandatory, in order to receive the e-notification, provided that the sender has sent us an e-mail address.
    The advantage for registered customers is that even if no e-mail address was transmitted by the sender, the existing electronic data is compared with the registration data of the postal account (e.g. name and address). If the data match is positive, the e-notification can be sent to the e-mail address stored in your Post Account and displayed in your Post App. This allows us to clearly assign your parcels to you and send the e-notification.
    The matching between the data of your postal account and the shipping data (name and address) is necessary to correctly assign the packages. If the two sets of data match, an e-notification is sent.
    Many senders send us item-related data electronically (name and address or more) to ensure correct and swift delivery. This information is used only for delivering your item and will not be shared with third parties.

    You will receive the e-notification for all packages for which either the sender has provided us with an e-mail address or a data comparison of the shipping data with your registration data was positive (see "Why is the data crosscheck necessary?"). Since data matching can only be performed for registered Post customers, we recommend registering to receive an e-notification for all parcels. 
    For private parcels, no e-notification can be triggered due to missing shipping data, unless the parcel was sent with the  parcel stamp online.

    Yes, you can also use the e-notification service without the Österreichische Post app. You will also receive the e-notification by e-mail to the e-mail address provided by the sender or, in the case of registered Post customers, to the e-mail address stored in your Post account. You can find your current e-mail address in your Post account under "My data".
    Many shippers transmit shipping data exclusively for parcel shipments. However, this information is a prerequisite for e-notifications (name and address at the least).

    FAQ Collection service

    Online services

    You can order our collection service until 11:59 p.m. for the following business day.
    No, you can order the collection service as a guest. However, having an Österreichische Post account offers many benefits. Among others, it allows you to save information for future orders.

    Our collection service is only available for items for which postage has been paid, either with a parcel stamp purchased online or with a return label. Effective immediately, prepaid wine parcels with prepaid postage are also covered by our collection service.

    Have your items picked up as per your request. This service is inexpensive and convenient. We will pick up your parcels on the following business day.
    Our collection hours are Monday through Friday (business days only). When placing your order on post.at/abholservice you will see the time slot in which we will collect your mail. Please request the collection on the previous day before 11:59 p.m. for collection on the following day (e.g., request it on Monday for collection on Tuesday).
    Our collection service is available anywhere in Austria. As a collection address, you can choose the main or secondary address registered in your Österreichische Post account or a new address.
    Private and business clients can go to post.at/abholservice to order our collection service for up to 5 items per day. This service can also be ordered without an Österreichische Post account. However, an Österreichische Post account offers many benefits, e.g,, it allows you to save your entries for future orders.

    Please note that our collection service is only available for return items, prepaid wine parcels and items with parcel stamps. All other products are not eligible for our collection service.

    Our collection service (for up to 5 items) costs EUR 2.90 (including VAT). You can be sure your items will be picked up on the following business day (Monday through Friday).

    Currently, our collection service can be requested on post.at/p/a/abholservice. We are working on offering this service via the Österreichische Post app as well. Clients with an Österreichische Post account will receive information via e-mail.

    Our collection service is available for the following items:

    • items with parcel stamps
    • return items to online retailers with a return label
    • Hermes return items with a return label
    • prepaid wine parcels with prepaid postage

    The maximum number of items for our collection service is 5.

    Unfortunately, our collection service cannot be changed or cancelled.
    Österreichische Post will e-mail an order confirmation. After we have collected your items, you will receive an e-mail notification with detailed information, e.g., the tracking number for the collected item.
    In case we were unable to collect your items (e.g., if there was no item to collect, if nobody was home or if the address was incorrect), we will also e-mail you a notification.

    FAQ Parcel forwarding

    Online services

    This service is free of charge. Just order it to have your parcels conveniently forwarded to the desired delivery address.
    This is a great option for those who work full time or are rarely home. You get to decide to which pick-up kiosk or postal branches your parcels will be delivered. This could be a postal branch close to where you work, on your way home or a pick-up kiosk that is open 24/7. This service is also available in a different province, e.g., if you live in Mödling, you can pick up your parcels in Vienna.

    Instead of the “yellow notification“, you will be notified electronically and your parcel will be ready for pick-up immediately.
    1. You can decide where you would like to receive your parcel in case you are not home at the time of delivery.
    2. Use our preferred delivery day to have it delivered on the day of your choice.
    3. We will send you an e-mail or a push message to let you know when your parcel has been delivered.
    4. This e-mail or push message entitles you to pick up the parcel without the yellow notification.
    Use our branch locator to find the most convenient preferred service pick-up kiosk or preferred postal branch for any address.
    You can post them at all postal branches and at all Österreichische Post Partners.

    Choose from the following options:

    • Service location/partners/shop (postal branch, Post Partner or Hermes PaketShop)
    • Pickup station
    • Preferred location (in your building)
    • Preferred neighbour
    • Preferred day (reschedule delivery by a maximum of 5 business days)

    Choose any postal branch, Post Partner, Hermes PaketShop or pickup station in Austria.

    Yes. As soon as your parcel has been forwarded and delivered as requested, we will let you know via e-mail or push message. If you have chosen a postal branch/partner/shop or a pickup station, this e-mail or push message will entitle you to pick up your parcel at that location.
    You can choose to forward your parcel until the status says "delivery in process".
    While the delivery person is on his or her way, your available options are preferred location in your building or preferred neighbour.
    Exception: Due to logistics, if your parcel's status is "in transit", the parcel forwarding service is not available between 4:00 and 9:00 a.m.
    Please note: Our delivery staff's routes affect parcel forwarding nationwide.
    If delivery is in process for your parcel, you have the option of selecting a preferred location or a preferred neighbour.

    Items with the following additional services can only be forwarded to an Österreichische Post service location (postal branches and Post Partners):

    • Personal delivery
    • Cash-on-delivery
    • Insured items

    If all boxes in the pickup station are taken or if the item is too big, we will hold your parcel at the closest Österreichische Post service location.

    Items for which the sender has provided incomplete name and address information can only be forwarded to destinations on the delivery person's route. In this case, forwarding to a Hermes PaketShop is not possible.


    There might be 3 reasons for this:


    1. The selection depends on the pre-defined time window for each option (see "Until when can I choose to forward my parcel")
    2. Some additional services exclude specific options. For example, cash-on-delivery items have to be accepted personally because the amount due needs to be paid. Therefore, such items can only be forwarded to postal branches or Post Partners.
    3. In your account with Österreichische Post, we need more information to be able to provide the service.
    You can forward your parcels to postal branches/partners/shops anywhere in Austria. You can choose from all postal branches, Post Partners, Hermes PaketShops and pickup stations throughout the country. This allows you to have your items delivered to you as needed.
    No, because you can only forward parcels for which the sender has provided electronic data (your name or more). We need this information to match the parcel to the correct recipient.
    Choose the "preferred day" option to reschedule delivery by up to 5 business days, if needed.
    You can choose your preferred delivery day as soon as the status says "in transit".
    You can choose your preferred day until 4:00 a.m. of the scheduled delivery day. If your item is not delivered on the scheduled day, the "preferred day" option will once again be available from 9:00 a.m.
    Yes. To change or cancel parcel forwarding after requesting it, the same time window as for the request applies (see "Until when can I choose to forward my parcel?“).
    To change or cancel parcel forwarding after requesting it, the same time window as for the request applies (see "Until when can I choose to forward my parcel?“).
    No, if you select parcel forwarding, it will apply to a specific parcel only. All other parcels will be delivered to the indicated delivery address as usual.
    If you would like to forward all parcels using the same option, please go to  https://secure.post.at/online-services/services/paketumleitung to request permanent parcel forwarding. 
    If you are the item's recipient and if you have received the tracking number from the sender, you are entitled to forward the parcel.
    Usually, you will receive your items as swiftly as non-forwarded parcels. Please note that in some cases, delivery might take 1 to 2 days longer if the parcel has to be handed over to a different delivery person as a result of the forwarding request. In the case of Post Express items, the money-back guarantee does not apply. You can go to mail tracking  to follow your parcel's status at any time.
    Yes. You can have your parcel forwarded even if you have a release delivery authorisation. You need to suspend the release delivery authorisation for the parcel in question.
    You have to sign up for this service so that Österreichische Post can meet its high security standards. After signing up, you will also have the option of saving parcels and editing them.
    For anonymous delivery options such as "preferred location" or "pickup station", we need to verify your identity for security reasons.
    To see your forwarded and saved parcels, please go to the "My items" section.

    FAQ redirection

    Online services

    Please keep in mind that it takes 3 business days for a redirection to take effect.
    Yes, items will be subject to postage as defined in our product and rate overview for domestic letter mail.
    No, since setting up a letter-mail redirection is a prerequisite for having parcels and Post Express (previously EMS) items redirected. You cannot set up a redirection for parcels and Post Express items only.
    Setting up a letter-mail redirection is a prerequisite for having parcels and Post Express (previously EMS) items redirected. You cannot set up a redirection for parcels and Post Express items only.
    If your address changes, e.g., when you move or because of a temporary absence, you can set up a redirection to have Österreichische Post redirect your mail to your new address. Please note that some types of items cannot be redirected. For detailed information, please see our GTC Redirections.
    Registered and non-registered items without special treatment
    • Daily newspapers
    • Weekly newspapers
    • Monthly publications
    • Sponsoring Post items
    • Regional publications
    • Plus.Zeitung newspapers
    • Company newspapers
    • Official letters with advice of receipt (RSa and RSb letters)
    • Registered domestic mail with additional services: deliver to addressee in person, advice of receipt
    • Letter mail from abroad with the additional service "insured value"
    • Info.Mail items
    • Info.Post items
    • Response items and items that do not have any postage or insufficient postage
    • Parcels
    • Express items (EMS)
    Österreichische Post will return these items to the sender. Österreichische Post will not share the new address with the sender.
    A flat fee will be charged for redirecting parcels and express items (EMS). The exact rates are available in our GTC.
    You can renew existing redirections any time you choose. Changes to the duration of existing redirections can only be made during the period that has been paid for. If you would like to redirect your mail beyond the period of time you have paid for, please order a new redirection starting with the day after your previous redirection ends.
    Redirections for moving to a new home or a temporary absence can be made for a maximum of 1 year.
    To see the latest rates, please click here.
    You can include a maximum of 5 persons per order. Please indicate one person (last name, first name) per entry field only. Use hyphens for hyphenated last names. For 6 persons and up, you will need another order and the redirection fee will be charged.

    FAQ Receive mail

    Online services

    Please note that it takes 3 business days to set up an authorisation to receive mail.
    Authorisations to receive mail are valid for a maximum of 2 years and cannot be re-newed. Any change requires a new authorisation to receive mail.
    While you need to show a power of attorney to our staff every time you receive an item, there is no requirement to do so if you have an authorisation to receive mail. In this case, the person authorised to receive mail just has to show an ID to receive the items.
    You can authorise up to 5 persons you trust to receive mail on your behalf. These persons will be able to accept mail items addressed to you. However, mail items la-belled as "Do not deliver to authorised agents" will still only be delivered to the ad-dressee.
    They can accept non-registered items (including RSa and RSb letter from courts or other public authorities), registered letter mail items, parcels without insured value, parcels with insured value, money, mail items with advice of receipt and money with the indication "deliver to addressee in person".
    To see the latest rates, please click here.

    FAQ Picking up my items at a preferred postal branch

    Online services

    Please note that it takes 3 business days to set up this service.

    If you use this service, we will send you an e-mail or text message to let you know about items we have received for you and you can pick up your items at the postal branch of your choice (e.g., one located close to your place of work).

    The following items can be picked up at your preferred postal branch:

    • registered letter mail items
    • international items without advice of receipt and cash-on-delivery items
    • customs items without advice of receipt
    • Collection service
    You can change orders existing anytime before they expire by using the function My orders.
    The fee for pickup at a preferred postal branch is EUR 7.90 per year.

    Your notification options are either e-mail or text message.

    FAQ Hold mail service

    Online services

    The creation of a vacation hold mail service takes 3 business days.
    You can renew existing orders at any time before they expire. Please note that the vacation hold mail service is available for a maximum of 28 days.
    Use our vacation hold mail service to have your mail held while you are on holidays.
    You can choose between picking up your mail after your holiday of having it delivered to you in bulk.
    To see the latest rates, please click here.

    FAQ PO box

    Online services

    Please note the setup time of one working week until your PO Box is active.
    Rentals for PO boxes always start on the first day of the month and end on the last day of the month of the selected period. If clients do not cancel in writing or person-ally at a PO box branch 2 weeks before the rental period expires, the contract will automatically be renewed for the previous contractual period. Österreichische Post shall inform all clients in writing, provided that they are consumers as defined in the Austrian Consumer Protection Act, in a timely manner (i.e., before the start of this period of notice) about the cancellation option and the renewal of the contract if they do not cancel.
    Use our PO box service to store your mail items. You can choose between the fol-lowing options:

    Standard PO box for private clients or business clients: items addressed to your PO box will go into this standard PO box. Items addressed to your home address (for pri-vate clients) or to your business address (for business clients) will still be delivered to your home (for private clients) or to your business (for business clients) by our delivery staff.

    PO Box Plus for private clients or business clients: all items will go into this PO box, whether they are addressed to your PO box or your home address (for private cli-ents) of your business address (for business clients).
    To see the latest rates, please click here.

    FAQ Delivery authorisation

    Online services

    If you have a release delivery authorisation, the delivery person will put registered mail, packets, small parcels, and Post Express items in your letterbox. The only exceptions are official letters from the authorities with advice of receipt (RSa/RSb).
    Please indicate a safe location in your building where we can place any large parcels.
    After you request a release delivery authorisation, it usually takes 3 to 5 business days for it to take effect. We will let you know as soon as the release delivery authorisation is effective.
    In that case, we will hold your large item at the closest Österreichische Post service location and you will receive the traditional notification in your letterbox.
    Your release delivery authorisation will be valid until revoked.

    FAQ Parcel stamps

    Online services

    Just create and design your parcel stamp for your parcel. The process is swift and straightforward.

    Parcel stamps are what we could call "stamps for parcels". You can conveniently create them on your PC, pay for them online, print them and affix them to the largest surface on your parcel. Parcel stamps include the sender's and recipient's address, information about any additional services, and a bar code.

    The format for parcel stamps is DIN A5 and they can be printed on normal paper or on labels on any printer and affixed to your parcel.


    The price of the parcel stamp is determined by the dimensions (and the maximum weight associated with each).. The sum of the longest and shortest side of the parcel determines the amont to be paid for postage. The following three parcel stamp options are available:
    – PM 45 = the parcel's longst and shortest side add up to a maximum of 45 cm
    – PM 70 = the parcel's longest and shortest side add up to a maximum of 70 cm
    – PM 120 = the parcel's longest and shortest side add up to a maximum of 120 cm
    Example: your parcel has the following dimensions: 28 cm in length, 25 cm in width, 15 cm in height. The longest side (28 cm) and the shortest side (15 cm) add up to 43. Hence, you will need a PM 45 parcel stamp because the sum of the longest and shortest side is under 45 cm.

    To create a parcel stamp, you need Internet access and a standard printer with a resolution of at least 600 dpi. You do not need to install any software. All you need is the standard version of Adobe Acrobat Reader (click here for a free download). Parcel stamps can be printed on standard paper in A4 format or on self-adhesive labels in A5 format.

    The following browsers are suitable for creating parcel stamps:
    MS Edge | Firefox | Google Chrome

    The following operating systems are required:
    Linux, MS Windows

    Yes! We will only accept items that are fit for safe shipping, that have adequate inside packaging and that are firmly sealed. If you do not have adequate packaging (or label article number: MY-ELA026) for shipping your parcel, you can purchase it at our →packaging shop.


    Any items posted with a parcel stamp for postage must be cuboid and the content must be adequately packaged. The packaging must be suitable for protecting the parcel's content on its entire journey because we assume no liability for unpackaged or inadequately packaged items. For information regarding optimum packaging, please visit post.at/optimal-verpacken.

    Please see the guidelines defined in our GTC for parcel stamps, available under GTC Parcels.

    Please see item 9 in our GTC for parcel stamps, available under GTC Parcels.

    When you create a parcel stamp for destinations in Austria, we will only check the postcode and the locality for accuracy. For parcels sent to other EU countries, there will be no check for accuracy.
    The minimum surface is 15 x 21 cm
    Maximum dimensions: the longest and shortest side together may not exceed 120 cm. The maximum weight per parcel is 10 kg (exception: express parcel stamps with a maximum weight of 31.5 kg).
    Currently, we do not offer the option of sending a parcel franked with a parcel stamp in combination with cash-on-delivery and additional payment at an Österreichische Post service location.
    Please see item 13.4 in our GTC for parcel stamps, available under GTC Parcels.
    Returns, exchanges, or additional payment for parcels stamps are not possible at Österreichische Post service locations.

    Parcel stamps can be printed and are good for shipping for a maximum of 14 days after they have been purchased online. Parcel stamps lose their validity after 14 days.

    Yes! As soon as the parcel stamp is in your shopping cart, you can go to the menu item "Test print" on the right side of the shopping cart to do as many test prints of your parcel stamp as you would like.
    Yes, you can use your tracking number to track your parcel, express, or parcel stamp items by going to post.at/Sendungsverfolgung. 
    For items with online parcel stamps: in addition, if you are signed in to post.at, you can also go to the menu item “My parcel stamps” and choose “Already paid for” to see all item-related information and your parcel’s delivery status from posting to delivery. Information for all parcel stamp items sent in the past 90 days is available.
    Please report obvious damages to the delivery person or branch employee immediately upon receipt. Damages inside the package must be reported in writing to Österreichische Post the day after delivery at the latest. To report damages, please contact the Österreichische Post customer service center.

    Österreichische Post AG is liable for up to EUR 510 per parcel as defined in our GTC Parcel Stamps.
    After you have paid for the parcel stamp, you can click on the button "Print all parcel stamps for this order" to print all your parcel stamps on your printer right away.
    Immediately after you have made the payment, we will send you a confirmation e-mail with all parcel stamp data and links to your parcel stamps. You can also use this link to print your parcel stamps.

    After signing in to Post.at, you can go to the menu item "My parcel stamps" where you will find a printer symbol with your purchased parcel stamps. You can also click on this icon to print your parcel stamps right away.
    Please note: you can only receive parcel stamps for printing if you have signed in to our online services using your user name and password. Please print your parcel stamps within 7 calendar days of purchase and use them within 14 calendar days because they will no longer be valid after then.

    Print your parcel stamps (printer resolution 600 dpi) on any commercially available printer on white paper or recycled paper (standard weight 80g/ms) or on labels.
    YES. Our express parcel stamp is a great option. The main plus of online parcel stamps is priority delivery. Parcels with an online express parcel stamp are usually delivered to any destination in Austria by 1:00 p.m. on the next business day (Monday through Friday) after posting. Please note that the item must be posted at a postal branch before the service location’s closing time as specified in the overview. Online express parcel stamps are only available for domestic parcels.
    Unfortunately, we saw that your parcel stamp items is either too big or too heavy for the option you have chosen, which makes it an underpaid item that we cannot accept.
    Therefore, your item will not be handled any further and will instead be returned to the sender’s address at a fee. Next time you send an item, please make sure that it has enough postage and that it does not exceed the permitted weight. To avoid returns, please choose the correct shipping option.

    Underpaid postage means that a parcel's dimensions make it too big for the chosen parcel stamp option. The selected postage is too low to cover shipping for this item.

    The stipulations can be found in our general terms and conditions for parcel stamps that all clients have to accept whenever they order a parcel stamp. The document is available at post.at/agb-online-services (client's duties).
    If the postage is not correct, your item will not be shipped to its destination, but returned to the sender at a fee. It is not possible to pay for the difference to have the parcel sent to its destination. For your next parcel, please make sure you pay the correct postage for your parcel stamp to avoid return items.
    The rates for return items for domestic items are available here and the fees for international items in the EU are available here.
    Our terms and conditions for parcel stamps stipulate that underpaid items will be returned to the sender at a fee. Clients have to accept these terms and conditions every time they order a parcel stamp. The document is available at post.at/agb-online-services. (client's duties)

    The return fee is due at the time of the delivery of the returned item and to be paid cash to the delivery person. Pleae make sure that you have the correct amount handy at the time of delivery.
    If the returned item is held for you at an Österreichische Post service location, you can pay the return fee at the counter when you pick up the parcel (cash, debit card, credit card, or via the deferred payment agreement).

    As stipulated in our terms and conditions for parcel stamps available at post.at/agb-online-services, clients (senders) shall pay for return expenses. If the sender does not accept the parcel returned by Österreichische Post and pay the return fee, the parcel will be disposed of after a storage period of 14 calendar days.

    The time required for the return varies depending on where your item is in the shipping process. This can take a few days.

    Your parcel is in the standard return process and will be delivered to the sender's address. The tracking number for your parcel stamp item remains unchanged and allows you to track your item's status by going to post.at/sendungsverfolgung
    Please note: if nobody is home at the time of delivery, we will hold the parcel for you at an Österreichische Post service location.

    FAQ Collection service

    Online services

    Yes. Pursuant to Section 227 of the Austrian Federal Tax Code, the collection service is considered a payment reminder. Therefore, it can be used by the above-mentioned authorities. For additional information about the legal basis, please e-mail us at postauftrag@post.at.
    The collection service by Österreichische Post is a straightforward solution for your accounts receivable: the delivery person will collect your pending accounts receivable directly from the debtor. We will then transfer the amount collected to you immediately. This will allow you to always have an overview of those who have paid.
    All you need is a one-time registration, after which we will e-mail you your user data and you can immediately start ordering our collection service.

    If you have just a few collection orders, use our convenient single-order option including online payment via credit card, eps online transfer, mobile phone invoicing or cash ticket. If you are going to use our collection service on a regular basis, a collective order option is available. In that case, we will send you an invoice for all collection services provided during a given month.

    Our delivery staff will attempt to collect the outstanding amount as soon as you have shared the necessary information with us. If the delivery person successfully collects the outstanding amount from the debtor, we will immediately transfer the money to you. If the debtor is not home, we will inform him or her and they will have up to 3 weeks to pay the outstanding amount at the Österreichische Post service location closest to them. The success rate for our collection service averages 21%.
    The fee for our collection service is EUR 5.40 (including VAT) per order.
    Please click here  to register. After you have entered your master data, choose collection service.

    FAQ Payement

    Online services

    You will find the three-digit card verification number (CVC code) printed on the back of your credit card. To increase security for credit card payments, you will need to enter this number during the order process. The card verification number is a security feature used by many credit card companies to make sure that users have the physical card whenever they place an order.

    To make a payment on post.at, you can choose between the following payment options: debit and credit cards (VISA, Mastercard, Diners), Klarna SOFORT ("immediate transfer"), and PayPal.

    You can delete any saved payment options yourself by going to "My profile" and selecting "My payment options".

    You can save your Mastercard, Visa, and Diners Club credit card as payment options in your Österreichische Post account.

    FAQ My orders

    Online services

    You can change or cancel any order by going to the menu item "My orders".

    General FAQ

    Online services

    To use our online services, you will need a new browser (e.g., Microsoft Internet Explorer version 7.0 or higher, Mozilla Firefox version 3.0 or higher, Apple Safari version 3.0 or up, Google Chrome version 2.0 or up, Opera version 9.2 or up). Please make sure that you have allowed cookies in your browser settings and that Javascript is activated (please deactivate add-ons such as NoScript). You will need the free Adobe Reader to read our GTC.
    If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions regarding our online services, our Österreichische Post customer service centre will be happy to help.
    Your data will be transmitted securely with a 256 AES (advanced encryption standard) via SSL.
    To see our product-specific general terms and conditions (GTC), please visit post.at/agb.